Are you meticulous and careful, or do you let your
intuition guide you? Take our personality quiz to find
your mystery-solving style.

  1. At a party, you can typically be found:

  2. What's your favorite possession?

  3. How do you solve problems?

  4. At a garage sale, which item would catch your eye?

  5. What's your favorite movie genre?

  6. What's your dream vacation?

  7. What was your favorite subject in school?

  8. Which dessert is most appealing?

  9. How do you like to spend a day at the beach?

  10. Where's the best setting for a mystery?


  • Insightful Interpreter

    Your Garage Sale Mystery Match is Dani. Just like her, you're a free spirit, and your openness to new ideas helps you follow every lead. Your inviting personality attracts different kinds of people, all of whom offer clues to the big mystery. Your methods are unconventional, but when it's all said and done, you always get your man.

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  • Careful Case Cracker

    Your Garage Sale Mystery Match is Jason Shannon. Just like him, you're a person of character, and approach mystery solving thoughtfully. You make sure not to hurt anyone's feelings while digging for the truth, and your inner strength shines through on your quest for answers. Your greatest asset is your reliability, and you don't let up until the mystery is solved.

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  • Precise Perceiver

    Your Garage Sale Mystery Match is Detective Lynwood. Just like him, you have a healthy respect for the rules. You go about solving mysteries with a skeptical mind and you always follow procedure. Some would say you're very "by the book." Your analytical mind helps when you've reached a dead end- there are always more questions to be asked!

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  • Unexpected Untangler

    Your Garage Sale Mystery Match is Dr. Tramell. Just like him, you're known for your surprising sense of humor, which brings levity to any situation. You use your friendly personality to put others at ease-while solving the case quickly and efficiently. You're not afraid of a groan-worthy pun, and criminals and detectives alike appreciate your cheery disposition.

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  • Mystery Maven

    Your Garage Sale Mystery Match is Jennifer Shannon. Just like her, mysteries always seem to find their way to you. You've got a keen eye for details, and your sense of intuition makes you a great judge of character. You can always tell when something's amiss-and you're never afraid to ask the tough questions, even if it means getting into a little bit of trouble.Thankfully, your resourceful ways guarantee you always close the case.

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